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127 million people living on a single island whose size is comparable to England - this does not sound like a favorite place for tourists. However, Java is one of the most important tourist destinations in Indonesia, and full of contradictions. When you leave the capital, Jakarta, by bus, the slums surrounding the modern and only mildly interesting city center seem neverending. At the same time, you also find completely lonely towns on Java - assuming you are willing to deviate from the regular tourist trails. The Ujung Kulon National Park in the southwest of the island just such an isolated place. The tropical mainland has some of Java's last rhinoceroses, and the offshore islands feature alluring coral reefs. Unfortunately, Java was not spared from the destructive floods of the tsunami in late 2004 - the town Pangandaran was damaged severely. However, the old capital of Java, a fixture on any Java trip, was not affected. Yogyakarta exudes a pleasant flair and lies very close to two of the most famous temple complexes of the island: Borobudur (Buddhist) and Prambanan (Hindu; severely damaged in a 2006 earthquake) lie picturesquely embedded the hills and the omnip

Java Island Travel & Tourism - Java is the most populous and the most developed island in the Indonesian archipelago. The island is politically divided into the provinces of West Java, East Java and Central Java. The capital city of Jakarta is also located on this island. Java is an epitome of rapidly changing society: beautiful countryside and filthy cities; tranquil rural scenes and streets congested with traffic.

Tropical countries have always been a great destination to spend our holidays, especially for the people who live far away from the equator line. Exotic natural beauty and unique culture are great temptations that make people willing to travel far away from their home to explore the magic of the tropical paradise. Indonesia is a country of the perfect destinations for this purpose. This archipelago country lies right on the equator line which makes it an excellent tropical heaven with so many interesting tourist destinations to visit.

Coming to Java, you can visit various Java Tourist Attractions. Java is a wonderful island that is marked by great scenic beauty and magical charm. The swaying palm trees long stretches of sandy beaches will make your holiday a worthwhile experience. Here, you can bask in the sun and extract complete fun out of it. For all those, who love sun, sand and sea, this is the ideal place to be. There are various shopping destinations and entertainment venues in this place. During your trip to Java, do not miss out the wide array of Java Tourist Attractions.

At Java, you can find a number of parks, monuments, museums, monasteries and architectural sites. During your Java Travel, you can find various tour operators who arrange for various exciting and interesting tours so that the travelers can explore the island to the fullest. You can go for a guided tour or a private tour. Some of the major tours that can be undertaken during your trip are wildlife tours, pilgrimage tours, central Java and Cultural tours, Madura Bull race tour and many others. These tours include various places of sightseeing as well.

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While in these beautiful International Destination, do take the opportunity to discover and experience not only the spectacular natural tourist attractions but also the unique blend of tourists attractions and sightseeing. visitor Attractions in Indonesia glorious, huge , magnificent Indonesia Tourist Attractions. offbeat travel attractions which gives stunning attractions.

This map of Java Indonesia coverage of tourist attractions and places. Yogyakarta with Kraton Jogja (Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat), Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Parangtritis Beach, Malioboro and many others. Malang, on east java features comprehensive tourist attractions such as Wendit, Selecta, Sengkaling, Batu & Songgoriti. Another tourist attractions in Indonesia Java International Destination is beautiful beach covered with soft sands layered from West to Coast. Indonesia hotels tourist attractions photographs. featuring up to date information on tourist and travel attractions. Spiritual Destination The Great Mosque of Demak, Central Java. Mystery Destination Thousand Doors Building, the ancient supranatural about these worthful place. Kerapan Sapi (Bull Race) at Madura Island which part of East Java province connected by the Great Suramadu Bridge. Cullinaire Destination at Bandung, West Java Indonesia. Cihampelas Walk, and many interest places for vacation during holidays. Awesome heritage, the soul of Java Island represented its precious culture:

East Java
the east part of island, which include Madura, Bawean, Sempu islands which has the story of biggest kingdom called Majapahit. This part has the most populated among others, with unique characteristic with Surabaya as the capital city and Malang as the second big city, also many other famous places.

Central Java
located in the center of Java Island and also Karimun Jawa includes. With Semarang as the capital city, it has many exotic places like Solo, Magelang which has the great temple named Borobudur and Prambanan.

West Java
with Bandung as capital city, the heart of the Sundanese culture. More popular as the places for tourism , domestic or worldwide, to spend the weekend. with popular places like Puncak for Villa Stay and Bandung itself as center of Factory Outlet for garment, shoes, and also food vaganza

separated from West Java because has its own unique traditional heritage and history. Banten popular with mystical attraction and also conservative place for environment offer you great exotic experiences.

located also in Java and became the capital city of Indonesia. As a big city, as well as history city of batavia, many interest places to be visited with full coverage of facilities and accomodation

become special province due to its historical stories of great ancient kingdom. Many people say that Yogya is the heart of Java Island. But Yogya also has various interesting places from the height as Merapi Mount view both with Kaliurang Villa Stay, Malioboro the historical market and hanging around places. Yogya also has beautiful beach called Parangtritis.

Some of the major Java Tourist Attractions include the following:

Krakatau Island is one of famous volcanon in the world, Ujung Kulon National Park  a world heritage site where the last java Rhino stay and the last remaing rain forest in Java, Bromo- Tengger-Semeru National Park: This Indonesian national park is mainly a volcanic region that still has some active craters. This park has been recognized as the world heritage site. The park is marked by some lofty mountains with active volcanoes. The park experiences a typical tropical climate. This park can be a great spot for the travelers to visit.

Take full advantage of the various Java Tours to know the city better. Java is a major island of Indonesia. Java, has over the years developed in to the economic and political center of the city. This island happens to be the fifth largest island of Indonesia. If you are the lover of sand, sea and sun make sure to visit the island of Java. Here, you can bask in the sun and spend some quality time amidst swaying palm trees and sandy beaches. During your Java Tours, you can visit various places of interest on the island.

Large number of tour operators arrange for various interesting ands exciting tours so that the travelers can enjoy their stay in this island. Through these tours, you can explore the island to the fullest. You can go for either a guided tour or a private tour. Some of the popular tours that are arranged in Java include  Krakatoa tours, Banten about 3 hours drive to the west of Jakarta

During your Java Tours, sightseeing can be a great idea. In this island, there are numerous places of interest, which the travelers can visit. Some of the major Tourist Attractions of Java include Krakatau volcano, ujung kulon national park, Monkasel, Bogor, bandung, Ijen Plateu, Borobudur, Prambanan, Bromo-Tengger National Park, Bromo-Tengger National Park, and many others.

Shopping in Java can be a great fun. Here, you can find a number of shops and street market selling various articles. You can buy various local handicrafts and other interesting stuffs for you loved ones. For all the shopping enthusiasts, Java is one of the ideal place to be.

Your Java Tours will remain incomplete without tasting the local cuisines of Java. There are several restaurants in Java that caters delectable culinary delights. There are several categories of hotels in Java that awaits your gracious presence to serve you with the best. You can make these hotels as the base and go for various tours in and around Java


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